Services & Products

Take international medical services and nursing care as core business.
Take medical research and education as support to technology and human resource.
Take internationalization, groupization, standardization, and information as operation mode.
Take continuous innovation and resource integration as development motivation.
To become the largest and highly integrated operator in China with medical services, nursing care, medical education, scientific research, medical health management, health insurance, and medical real estate in medical health industry to serve customers worldwide and achieve ultimate goal of enhancing people's healthy life and facilitating social development of all. 

Five core operations of Yanda International Health City: 
Yanda International Hospital 
-- the first international five-star hospital in China. 
Yanda Golden Age Health Nursing Center 
-- the world's largest nursing center with the most advanced facilities, health management, and rehabilitation services for people with chronic diseases.
Yanda Medical Research Institute
 -- China's first battalion medical science research organization which employ academicians strategically. 
Yanda Medical and Nursing Training Institute 
– China’s largest international nursing education and training base for inland and overseas talents. 
Yanda Guobin Hotel & Conference Center 
-- China's first international five-star hotel for the theme of “medical tourism and international medical communications”.

Market Positioning of Yanda International Health City: 
Apart from customers in local and surrounding areas of International Health City, our primary target customers are: 
1.Domestic high-income group demanding high medical service standards
2.International travel medical and Institutions with health insurance covered
3.China's domestic high-income group demanding family's endowment, rehabilitation and nursing services 
4.Returned elderly overseas Chinese demanding nursing services
5.Foreign customers who work long term In China with family demanding for medical endowment services