The Yanda International Conference Center is a landmark in the Health City. It is high-rise over 100 meters tall and built to the 5-star hotel standard. Apart from other features, it has more than 200 guest rooms, a 500-seat lecture hall equipped with simultaneous interpretation facilities for international academic seminars, as well as business and conference centers, catering departments and sports & recreation departments. What’s more, the Center is also capable of holding all kinds of large international academic conventions.

  With the superior location, perfect holistic design, modern management pattern, powerful Chinese and overseas expert team, cutting-edge medical equipment, high quality services and the operation mode combining a large comprehensive hospital with a super large Golden Age Health Nursing Center, the Yanda International Health City will surely be blessed with success to present to the whole world a full range of valuable experience in addressing the medical issues and the worldwide challenge of aging society.

  The successful establishment and operation of the Yanda International Health City will undoubtedly have a profound and far-reaching impact on the healthy development of medical and elderly care sectors in both China and the whole world!

  Yanda people warmly welcome friends all over the world to join Yanda International

  Health City of China for a brilliant tomorrow!

  China Yanda International Health City

  Blessing China, Benefiting Asia, and Embracing the World!

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