Currently the global aging population has become a worldwide challenge, more than 60 countries have their aging population reach or exceed 12% of total population.

  Against this background, Yanda Golden Age Health Nursing Center is born.

  Profile of the Nursing Center: the Nursing Center has 12,000 beds in total. Based on the living habits of lodgers of different nationalities the center offers various personalized accommodation styles with the Chinese, Japanese, European or American decors. Depending on their health conditions, the lodgers are respectively arranged in independent, semi-dependent or dependent division; in each division a nursing station is set up.

  The nursing stations have Chinese and western restaurants, featured restaurants, coffee house, tea room, bar, medical duty room, pharmacy, entertaining room, public activity area, etc.

  The independent area is constructed according to the standard of garden house, which including three models, one bed room one living room, two bed rooms two living rooms and three bed rooms two living rooms. The semi-dependent area and dependent area is constructed according to the standard of star hotel, including single room, two-room suite and three-room suite. The inhabitation arranged for lodgers are luxury, comfortable, complete in living facilities and having hot spring water and oxygen.

  Standing, walking, bathing, rehabilitating practices, training, outdoor sports and sunbathing - all these activities become easier with the help of the advanced rehabilitation treatment and life-assisting facilities as well as the medical and nursing staff.

  The Nursing Center has also introduced the remote sensing monitoring equipment, which keeps track of the high-risk patients’ vital signs like heartbeats, breaths and blood pressure. Should any abnormality occur in their bodies, the remote sensing monitoring equipment in the central monitoring control room would automatically set off the alarm to ensure them of prompt rescue.

  In the Nursing Center, the lodgers receive overall health checkups and assessment on a regular basis. Their personal health records will be maintained and medical and nursing plans will be developed accordingly. Daily health care and treatment of chronic diseases are conducted inside the lodgings by specially assigned doctors and nurses.

  ----- The multifunctional avenue running from east to west through the Nursing Center. There are hot spring pools, sauna houses, gyms, ball room, card room, music room psychological consultation room, barber room, Chinese and Western restaurants, cafes, bar, a library, a bank, a post office, a supermarket, Senior Citizen College and a church, and the multifunctional hall can accommodate various cultural and entertainment activities, such as parties, painting exhibitions, signing party, movie and TV watching;

  -----The nursing center provides different churches for people with different faith, including Catholicism, Christians, Islam and Buddhism;

  -----The aging college will periodically hold lectures on domestic and foreign political motives trends, economic development, scientific knowledge, etc.

  -----In order to enable gifted lodgers to use their talents, the nursing center offers lectures on politics, economics and philosophy courses, which are all arranged with special awards. The participants can realize their value through experiencing these activities.

  -----The garden area of nursing center has various fruit trees; lodgers can enjoy the fun of picking fruits or fishing at the ribbon-shaped water garden.

  ----- The Nursing Center adjoins closely with the Chaobai River. It intends to build a golf course within the river bank. The golf loving guests can play at the course and enjoy their esteem.

  According to the scientific research, human being’s life-span is between 120 and 175 years. The longevity largely depends on the required postnatal factors. The nursing center is sticking to the idea of “enhancing living quality and prolonging life expectancy” for lodgers and provides lodgers with comfortable facility, scientific health caring service. Living in the Nursing center are enable lodgers to have pleasant mood, scientific diet and appropriate sport. The Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment and stem cell technology and other medical means shall be used comprehensively to enable part of semi-dependent and dependent lodgers to restore health and regain the ability to take care of themselves. And there will be many centenarians created in the near future at the Nursing Center.

  In the Nursing Center, experienced clinical doctors and nurses routinely do temperature, blood pressure and heart function for lodgers, and regularly organize health checkup. The Nursing Center adopts preventive medical theory, to ensure the lodgers’ health.

  -----The caring staffs of the nursing center are all professionals with high and middle nursing degrees, some of them are introduced from Philippines and other countries, high quality caring team is established by giving caring staff professional trainings on psychology, nursing, service, language, etc to provide lodgers with high quality service.

  -----The nursing staffs will regularly clean lodgers’ rooms, tidying up beds, washing clothes and serving meals every day. For semi-dependent and dependent lodgers, nursing staffs will also regularly chat with them,help them with any socio-psychological issue and assist them in outdoor activities, serving meals, wearing clothes, having shower, going to bathroom, individual sanitation and daily caring, making lodgers enjoy heartfelt and comfortable service. The Nursing Center offers lodgers comfortable service and makes them feel stay at home and live with their kinship family.

  -----The nursing center specially establishes a food supply base, to supply for agricultural products, including vegetables, meat and eggs. The Nursing Center will also and establishes a set of scientific food quality management system, strictly inspect and monitor the foods source, produce manufacturing process, logistic distribution and consuming process. These measures will fully ensure the foods’ sanitation and quality.

  -----The nursing center, for lodgers’ drinking water’s sanitation and safety, strictly complies with the “Water Sanitation Code of World Health Organization”. By using the abundant deep stratum water resource under the Yan Mountain’s cordillera, by assisting scientific processing and strict inspection, it could reach mineral water’s standard.

  -----The Beijing East Yanjiao Economic and Technological Development Zone where the nursing center located, is an emerging modern city. The city’s air quality has basically reached first class standard per annual, which it has ensured excellent air quality for lodgers.

  Living in the Golden Age Health Nursing Center is the ideal choice of lodgers, and also, children’s most filial piety to parents! The nursing center actually enables lodgers live, enjoy, learn, and fulfill their potentials so as to peacefully and enjoyably pass their golden age.