Yanda International Hospital, built to the Grade Ⅲ-A standards stipulated by the Ministry of Health of China, is a large-scale comprehensive hospital functionally combining medical care, research and teaching. 50 clinical and technical departments are integrated into 18 clinical centers. And it has creatively developed a modern incentive mechanism featuring a hospital-department two-level cost accounting system with investors and operators relatively independent of each other. Yanda International Hospital will be accredited through international standards (JCI) and eventually become modernized, digitalized comprehensive hospital.

  Of all the 3,000 beds, 2,000 are for medical treatment and 1,000 for rehabilitation. 70% of the medical treatment beds are in the deluxe 42m2 single wards, and partially 85m2 two- or 136m2 three-room wards forming the VIP zone and international special care zone.

  The target client group of Yanda International Hospital includes high-income domestic groups, foreigners working and living in China on a long term basis, international market and the local residents participating in Chinese National Health Insurance system.

  World first class equipment facilities: the hospital has general and sate-of-the-art medical equipment including 64-slice CT, 3.0T NMR, 500-slice DCT, large-scale high-energy linear accelerator, and large-scale dual C-type angiographic system etc. The automatic information management system is all applied.

  Strong international medical expert team: Yanda International Hospital has invited nearly one thousand of Chinese and foreign medical experts, scientists and senior nursing experts to provide domestic and foreign patients with high standard medical service. These experts and scientists cover a wide range of medical disciplines including cardiology, oncology, hematology, immunology, orthopedics, gerontology, organ transplantation, stem cell research, etc.

  Priority has been given to six key clinical disciplines in a bid to make them the characteristics of Yanda International Hospital: including Clinical Cardiovascular Disease Medical Center, tumor medical center, gerontology medical center, organ transplanting medical center, orthopaedics medical center, gynecology and obstetrics center and test-tube baby medical center.

  Yanda International Hospital rely on sets a 100 thousand stem cell bank established on the basis of international certification standard, cooperating with famous stem cell clinical experts and scientists from Korea and Japan, developing comprehensive clinical treatment on heart disease, tumor, blood disease, orthopedics disease, aging disease by using stem cell technology and realizing people’s goal of delaying senility and lengthening life expectancy.

  -----The use of stem cell technology on comprehensive tumor treatment can avoid pain and side effect to patients in surgery, chemotherapy and radiation cure. During treatment, by cultivating stem cells and injecting them into patient’s body, cancer cells could be cleared, so as to achieve the effect of curing early-stage tumor, partly curing middle-stage tumor and containing terminal tumor.

  Medical expert team in Yanda International Hospital also adopts various other medical technologies to cure various diseases and reaches an internationally leading level.

  -----Yanda International Hospital introduces famous plastic surgery and beauty experts from Korea, by adopting modern technology and excellent skills; people’s dream of being younger and more beautiful can be realized.

  -----Yanda International Hospital introduces famous clinical experts from France, whose treatment work in gynecology, painless labor and test-tube baby reaches an internationally first-class standard.

  Yanda International Hospital also establishes relationships with domestically and internationally well-known large medical institutions; undertaking communication on academy and human resource, exchanging experts, enabling patients to have transfer treatment and remote diagnosis. Yanda’s patients are able to enjoy the medical fruits of global high technologies.

  The rehabilitation building with one thousand beds can provide patients after medical treatment with recovery of various functions, enabling body to recover to normal and healthy condition. Patients can directly work after leaving hospital rather than having unstable condition without rehabilitation after treatment.

  Service mission: Yanda International Hospital takes “Patients First” as a sacred responsibility. Experienced domestic and foreign experts are arranged for outpatient service, carry out a “zero distance between patients and experts”; and adopts “one card for all” system while patients enter into the hospital so as to ensure an optimal medical and service process.